Axminster Guildhall

cheesy bingo

19th July 2024

free disco party night

26th July 2024

board games club

28th July 2024

quiz night

28th July 2024

let there b/dc

3rd August 2024

my dep

16th August 2024

free disco party night

23rd August 2024

wedding fair

31st August 2024

gail porter

6th September 2024

repair cafe

7th September 2024

foos fighters

7th September 2024

seriously collins

8th September 2024

don't stop

20th September 2024

shaun ryder

4th October 2024

repair cafe

5th October 2024

RWS wrestling

5th October 2024

complete madness

11th October 2024

 aled jones

17th October 2024


18th October 2024

giant giggle

19th October 2024

beach boyz

20th October 2024

top secret!

25th October 2024

whitesnake UK

26th October 2024

NHS blood donors

31st October 2024 

kerry ellis

1st November 2024

repair cafe

2nd November 2024


12th November 2024

christmas eco fair

23rd November 2024

ronnie, reggie and me

24th November 2024

nikki kitt

26th November 2024

christmas market

1st December 2024

repair cafe

7th December 2024

absolutely dragulous 

13th December 2024


19th - 21st December 

christmas concert

22nd December 2024

rat pack las vegas live

10th January 2025

RWS wrestling

11th January 2025

dire streets

18th January 2025

dark prism

1st February 2025

guns & roses exp 

7th February 2025

NHS blood donors

20th February 2025

larry dean

6th March 2025


29th March 2025

forever queen

5th April 2025

RWS wrestling

3rd May 2025

cheesy bingo

16th May 2025

retro disco party

17th May 2025

upbeat beatles

23rd May 2025

kiss the teacher

30th May 2025


7th June 2025

martin fry

19th June 2025

WOW that's what i call the 90s

2nd August 2025

heaven can wait

7th August 2025

retro disco party

5th September 2025

cheesy bingo

6th September 2025

RWS wrestling

27th September 2025

the amazing blues brothers

3rd October 2025

the take that show

10th October 2025

forever elton

18th October 2025

burnt out wreck

25th October 2025

rocky horror tribute

31st October 2025

lollypops & moptops

7th November 2025